Desti has joined the team at HERE.
Learn more on HERE Three Sixty.

About the Company

Desti has joined the team at HERE, and Desti is no longer available for download in the App Store. Learn more on HERE Three Sixty.

Desti is an SRI spin-out that uses artificial intelligence and natural language understanding to create deep knowledge of destinations by reading everything about them, and understands users’ natural language, so they can be specific and get the best results, immediately.

Desti is now part of HERE, and we are working together to build location services with deep levels of knowledge and understanding. The plans to incorporate Desti technology with HERE is aimed at enabling us to better anticipate the questions people have throughout their day.

Meet the team...

Desti Founder & CEO - Nadav Gur
Nadav Gur - Founder & CEO
Nadav is a serial entrepreneur in the travel industry with 10 years of experience in the B2C mobile travel space. He has led organizations from bootstrapping to millions of dollar in revenues. His last adventure took him to Cabo San Lucas.
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Desti Founder & CTO - Imri Goldberg
Imri Goldberg - Founder & CTO
Imri is an entrepreneur and developer with experience in varied fields such as natural language, security, artificial intelligence and more. He is passionate about the Python Zen and Python in general. His last vacation was a honeymoon in Northern California.
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Desti Chief Scientist - Ofer Melnik, PhD
Ofer Melnik, PhD - Chief Scientist
With a theoretical and applied grounding in Machine Learning, Statistics, Analytics and Natural Language Processing, Ofer brings an appreciation for data to the mix. He currently enjoys SCUBA diving and recently dove in Coiba, Panama.
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Desti Mobile Development Lead - David Berlin
David Berlin - Mobile Development Lead
David owns all of our mobile development and has 8 years of experience. Most recently he was at, which was recently acquired. He loves traveling in Italy and Northern California.
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Desti Social Media and Content Manager - Emily Friedlander
Emily Friedlander - Social Media and Content Manager
Emily brings a love for Social Media and community management to Desti. Her experience ranges between large global brands and startups. Most recently, Emily took an amazing trip through Sweden.
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Desti Developer - Tzahi Vidas
Tzahi Vidas - Developer
Tzahi has been developing server side products for 10 years. He has experience in various fields such as systems and security. His favorite travel destinations (so far) are Australia and New Zealand.
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Desti Web Crawler Developer - Stephen Young
Stephen Young - Web Crawler Developer
Stephen develops high-precision web crawlers and web-data analysis tools. He's been writing distributed systems for 5 years now, and is secretly in love with Erlang. His last vacation was to Mexico, to escape from the Canadian winter.
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The word is out, Desti is changing the way people search and plan their travel. Read all about us below!

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